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Drug to prevent HIV gets the official nod

A pill that protects against HIV has been approved for use in South Africa. Truvada, which contains two antiretrovirals, offers more than 90% protection against HIV if taken every day. Professor Francois Venter, Deputy Director of the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, welcomes the Medicines Control Council’s approval of the drug, saying: “There are no magic bullets in HIV prevention but we desperately need new and better options.

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What’s needed in the final push to eliminate new cases of HIV in children?

The prevention of HIV from mothers to children has been the most successful HIV prevention programme in South Africa and across the globe. However Dr Lee Fairlie, Technical Head from Wits RHI, believes that certain areas need attention to reduce the burden of paediatric HIV.

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What drove women to lie in an HIV clinical trial in southern Africa?

Two years ago women were found to have lied in a clinical trial in South Africa for a new HIV drug. The VOICE trial was unsuccessful due to low adherence. When the trial was completed it was revealed many women involved had not been honest about their adherence to the drug regime they had signed up to take. Jonathan Stadler, Technical Head, from Wits RHI explains his findings in this article.

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2 Wits PhD students breaking new ground in HIV/Aids research

Wits RHI would like to congratulate Shobna Sawry our Programme Manager in Paediatric Research for receiving the LÓreal Unesco Regional Sub-Saharan Fellowship. This funding from global cosmetics giant L’Oreal will be used towards furthering her HIV/Aids research in paediatrics.

702’s Azania Mosaka spoke to her about her respective research subject and her vision for the role of science in eradicating the spread of HIV.

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HIV can be prevented in babies if their mothers are kept safe

When pregnant HIV-positive women regularly take their medication, mother-to-child transmission of HIV can be virtually eliminated, says Abigail Hatcher, a researcher from Wits RHI. Read more on how stigma and intimate partner violence, prevents HIV-positive mothers from accessing care and treatment.

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