Press Releases

16 October 2018

First Dedicated Clinics to Open for Transgender Care under Key Populations Award

The Wits RHI Key Populations Programme is the successful recipient of a 5-year USAID Award for advancing the South African HIV Response for Key Populations, Sex Workers, and Transgender individuals. Sex workers and transgender individuals remain marginalised in public healthcare. In South Africa, between 40 percent and 88 percent of sex workers are HIV positive. Transgender women globally are 50 times more likely to be HIV positive than the general population. This award will change the status quo for key populations in South Africa through increasing access to health care and enhancing competency of health service providers to tailor responses to their needs.

12 February 2018

Appointment of the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) Board

The Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, has appointed members of the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) Board. SAHPRA replaces the Medicines Control Council (MCC). The scope of the new Authority has expanded to include not only medicines, but also medical devices including in vitro diagnostics, and aspects of radiation control.

05 December 2017

South Africa to launch HIV prevention project

A highly effective oral medication to prevent HIV will be provided to young women in South Africa at high risk of getting the virus, as part of a sexual and reproductive health access project launched today by the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (Wits RHI) and Unitaid.

01 November 2017

Wits and Vaccines: The Impact and Potential of Vaccines for Africa

The development of vaccines has greatly impacted on the reduction of mortality rates across the globe, while the importance of developing more vaccines to curb the threat of emerging diseases cannot be stressed enough. This was the overarching theme of the 16th Prestigious Lecture held by Wits University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, which was delivered by Professors Helen Rees and Shabir Madhi, at the Wits School of Public Health this week.

16 January 2017

“ADVANCE Study” – Study launched to test new and safer HIV drugs

Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (Wits RHI) and their partners are excited to announce the launch today of a study, ADVANCE, to evaluate a new antiretroviral drug combination for the treatment of HIV. The ADVANCE study is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and UNITAID through OPTIMIZE, a global partnership working to accelerate access to simpler, safer and more affordable HIV treatment.

07 December 2016

Wits RHI Receives Grant to Speed up Access to Critical HIV Drugs

The Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (Wits RHI) today announced a new partnership with UNITAID. The partnership will support efforts to optimise antiretroviral treatment (ART) by investing in research and operations to expand access to new, more effective and affordable antiretrovirals that have fewer side effects and are better tolerated by people living with HIV.

31 August 2016

Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA)

Hillbrow, Johannesburg: Imagine getting accurate, reliable information on everything from breastfeeding to eating well in pregnancy and when to visit the clinic, directly on your cell phone? This is the power of health that the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) is putting in the hands of expectant and new mothers with the launch of MAMA in South Africa.

10 December 2015

USAID selects innovative South African organisations to address HIV/AIDS globally

USAID has recognised the expertise of two South African-led consortia to address the global challenge of treating those infected by HIV/AIDS. These consortia are led by Right to Care and the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (Wits RHI). They will apply the innovations and lessons learned in South Africa to strengthen programmes in countries across Africa.

01 December 2015

Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award

The Board of the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust is pleased to announce the recipient of the prestigious Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award for 2014: Professor Helen Rees of the University of the Witwatersrand.

01 November 2015

Professor Helen Rees leads African Scientists in signing Global Declaration to End Polio

Professor Helen Rees, Executive Director of WRHI, joined hundreds of scientists, doctors and other experts from around the world to launch the Scientific Declaration on Polio Eradication, declaring that an end to the paralysing disease is achievable and endorsing a comprehensive new strategy to secure a lasting polio-free world by 2018. The declaration’s launch coincides with the 58th anniversary of the announcement of Jonas Salk’s revolutionary vaccine.