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HPTN 084-01

Purpose: To evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Acceptability of Long-Acting Cabotegravir (CAB LA) for the Prevention of HIV among Adolescent Females – A Sub-study of HPTN 084

Target Population: Sexually active, HIV-uninfected adolescents (<18 years old at time of enrolment)

Contact: Dr Carrie-Anne Mathew cmathew@wrhi.ac.za or Ishana Naidoo inaidoo@wrhi.ac.za

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Purpose: To test a stepped model of scalable adherence support strategies in South African young women who initiate PrEP, using a SMART design.

Target Population: HIV-uninfected women aged 18-25

Contact: Dr Nicole Poovan npoovan@wrhi.ac.za or Nontokozo Ndlovu ndlovu@wrhi.ac.za

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HPV One and Two Dose Population Effectiveness Study (HOPE)

Purpose: To monitor the effectiveness of a 2-dose and 1-dose HPV vaccination schedules on community-level HPV prevalence among South African adolescent girls

Target Population: Females in Grade 10 in 2019, and Females aged 17-18 years in 2019, 2021, and 2023

Contact: Dr Ganizani Mlawanda gmlawanda@wrhi.ac.za or Dr Danielle Travill dtravill@wrhi.ac.za


Purpose: To assess the efficacy of a single, oral, 3g dose of Zoliflodacin compared to a combination of a single IM 500 mg dose of ceftriaxone and a single 1 g oral dose of azithromycin for the treatment of uncomplicated urogenital gonorrhoea

Target Population: Men and women aged 12 years and older, who have tested positive for gonorrhoea via pre-screening.

Contact: Dr Danielle Travill dtravill@wrhi.ac.za or Dr Jeanne Omony jomony@wrhi.ac.za or Melt Ndlovu mendlovu@wrhi.ac.za


Purpose: To evaluate the safety and tolerability of two broadly neutralizing monoclonal human antibodies, 3BNC117-LS-J and 10-1074-LS-J, alone and in combination, intravenously (IV) or subcutaneously (SC) to HIV-uninfected adults.

Target Population: Men and women, ages 18-45 years residing in Johannesburg.

Contact: Dr Musawenkosi Mlotshwa mmlotshwa@wrhi.ac.za or Rebecca Lenkokile rlenkokile@wrhi.ac.za


Purpose: To assess the effectiveness of the Measles and Rubella (MR) and Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccines in preventing COVID-19 disease in healthcare workers.

Target Population: 18 years or older healthcare workers who are at risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2

Contact: Dr Kim Comline kcomline@wrhi.ac.za or Mandisa Tsholwana mtsholwana@wrhi.ac.za

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UNITY Healthcare Worker Registry

Purpose: To assess the association of potential prophylactic treatments with reduced risk of COVID-19 (or SARS-CoV-2 infection) in HCWs caring for COVID-19 patients

Target Population: 18 years or older healthcare workers.

Contact: Dr Darshnika Lakhoo dlakhoo@wrhi.ac.za or Mbali Zulu mzulu@wrhi.ac.za

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