Professor Sinead Delany-Moretlwe, Director: Research

Prof Sínead Delany-Moretlwe, MBBCh PhD DTM&H is a clinical epidemiologist, Prof and Director of Research at Wits RHI. A South African-born medical doctor, her experience is primarily in sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention research. She has supported HPV vaccine introduction into South Africa through her work and she is currently working with Australian and South African partners to evaluate the impact of South African national HPV vaccination programme. She is also part of a consortium aimed at evaluating the evidence for one dose HPV vaccination schedule. Prof Delany-Moretlwe is an accomplished researcher who has been invited to speak at different international conferences which include the International AIDS Conference (IAS) 2018, HIV R4P 2018, and the STI & HIV World Congress where she has presented on new HIV prevention methods including PrEP. She is also a member of several national and international conference organising committees. In 2020 she contributed towards 14 manuscripts which were published in ISI indexed journals.

Prof Delany-Moretlwe is a member of the WHO Product Development Vaccine Advisory Committee, the HSV vaccine advisory group, and a new group advising on gonorrhoea vaccine development for use in low and middle-income countries. She is also a member of University of the Witwatersrand’s Research Entities Committee.