Adolescent Friendly Services (AYFS)

The objective of Wits RHI’s AYFS technical assistance is to prevent new HIV infections and reduce HIV morbidity and mortality through an improved and sustained HIV and TB continuum of care in adolescents and youth. During the first two years of the activity, Wits RHI, as a sub-awardee of BroadReach, will provide technical assistance and mentoring support to build skills, capacity, and capabilities to target, recruit, treat and support HIV-infected out-of-school youth. During the fourth quarter (July-September 2019) period, 1-day AYFS trainings were conducted in Ugu, King Cetshwayo and Nkangala Districts for approximately 1046 healthcare providers of different cadres from BroadReach, the DOH, HPCA, Care Works, NGOs, CBOs and School Health Nurses.

Partnerships have been established with 57 stakeholders working with adolescents and youth. These include: LoveLife, local CBOs and NGOs to strengthen partnerships to maximize adolescent HTS referral from outreach, schools and communities as well as 56 referral partnerships providing psychosocial support to adolescents and youth. After the Youth Care Club (YCC) training, facilities were mentored and prepared toimplement YCSs through AYFS file audits. To-date 413 adolescents and youth have been placed in YCCs.

Latest Update: 21 Augiust 2020

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