Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Tackling Africa's health challenges through science and innovation.

Our Mission

As a renowned African institute in a world class African university, Wits RHI addresses some of the greatest public health concerns affecting our region, including HIV and its related problems, sexual and reproductive health, and vaccinology.
We do this through:

Pioneering, multi-disciplinary research

Responsive technical support and innovation in health services

Good participatory practice

Developing African researchers

Evidence-based policy development and advocacy with national, regional and global stakeholders

Teaching and capacity building

Our Values


We aim for excellence in all that we do

We achieve excellent results at all levels in the work that is undertaken

We reward and celebrate performance achievements


We push boundaries and change the world through new creative ideas

We encourage creative problem-solving and critical thinking at all levels of the organisation


We have the courage to lead from the front and shape the future

We have the fortitude to ask hard questions and accept the truth

We have the courage to speak out and advocate for change when injustice occurs


We act with honesty and integrity

We work in accordance with established ethical standards

We are responsible for our actions and how they influence the lives of communities and staff


We believe that our diversity is a valuable resource to utilise in achieving our mission

We remain conscious of historical inequities in our country and are committed to address that challenge


We promote collaborative work within the Institute and with its partners

We value and recognise individuals’ contribution to building healthy, vibrant teams

We create opportunities for people in the organisation to meet, interact and have fun


We provide opportunities for employees to gain confidence through continuous development and application of new skills

We empower our staff to maximise their potential and contribution

We provide coaching and mentoring to support excellent performance


We respect ourselves, our colleagues and the community

We respect the environment and are committed to preserving it for future generations

We give open-minded consideration to the ideas of others and provide supportive feedback


We will take responsibility for our actions

We will deliver what we promise to meet expectations and requirements of colleagues, partners and clients

We will acknowledge our areas for improvement or shortcomings and take actions to remedy them

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