Strategic Approach

Our Strategic Approach

Strategic Enablers

Populations in Need:

Focusing on target populations where greatest impact of health investments can be made.

Location Focus:

Maintaining a strong body of work in South Africa and leveraging it to support improvements in the region and globally.

Innovation & Technology Application:

Using innovative approaches and leveraging technological solutions to improve health outcomes.

Collaboration for Change:

Leverage collaborations and partnerships to ensure broader impact.

Our strategic approach is supported by a number of key functions:
  • Communications
  • Knowledge Management: IT, data management and IS
  • Managing Performance: People, Projects and Organisations
  • Research Capacity Building
  • New Business Development
  • Human Resources
  • Organisational Health
  • Grants Management
  • Finance, Administration and Procurement
  • Research Support
  • Planning
  • Governance, Leadership and management
  • Training and Teaching

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